1) Click the  get started now   >   button

2) Compare plans and select the best option for your needs

There are 3 plans available for standard shared hosting. Any of these plans are suitable for a first site however if you intend to host more than one website then do not choose the basic plan as it only allows for 1 website. It also has some limitations on the amount of email accounts/email storage but if you are just intending to have one site only and the email limitations don't sound too restrictive then the basic plan is fine.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can upgrade an account any time. Do not feel like you need to go big just because. The main deciding factor at the moment should mostly be if you intend to host more than one site.

Once you've decided on the plan you want to sign up for just click the  select  button on the appropriate plan.

*Note - Prices shown below are for 36 & 60 month prepaid accounts. If you intend to pay for 12 months or 24 months expect to see the price increase slightly. Also, not pictured below is the Pro plan which is not a plan that we recommend for first sites. It's a bit overkill unless you are planning to run something more resource intensive like an e-commerce site with many products. If you aren't "pro" yet there's no reason to pay pro prices.

3) Choose a new domain or enter an existing domain you have previously registered.

You get one free year of domain registration with your new account. If you want to take advantage of this you can enter a new domain name in the new domain field then click the  next  button. This domain should be one not already registered by someone else. 

If you already have a domain that you previously registered you can enter it into the i have a domain name field then click the  next  button. 

*Note - If you are using a previously registered domain you will need to log into your registrar and change the domain nameservers so that the domain will direct browsers to your Bluehost account. The custom nameservers you'll need to use at your domain registrar are: ns1.bluehost.com and ns2.bluehost.com. Web browsers will not point to Bluehost and BADNET staff can not set up your blog until you've completed this step. Most registrars have instructions for completing this step in their support area.

Choose a new domain or enter your existing domain

4) Create your new account.

If you've entered a new domain on the previous step you should see a success message that indicates that the domain name you selected is available.

Now you can enter your account information for your new account in the appropriate fields.

Enter your Bluehost account information

5) Select your package (payment plan).

In the package information box you'll see payment option for your selected plan. By default the 36 month option is selected. This offers the prices originally shown on the plan selection page. If you wish to pay annually or every 2 years instead please select the appropriate option now. Prices are slightly higher when paying on other plans. 

You can view the Total at the bottom of the box to see what fits your budget/comfort level. This price includes all selected plan options (more on that later). Remember, there is a 30-day money back guarantee so if you find it's not for you there's no risk. 

Choose additional plan options

6) Choose your package options.

Also in the package information box you'll see several other checkboxes with additional options for your plan. These options may vary depending on which plan you selected when you started.

Choose a payment option

Here is a brief explanation of the option and our recommendations on whether you should select them or not. Some checkboxes may be selected by default. You may need to untick those boxes.

Site Backup Pro - Medium Recommendation - Having regular backups of your site is always a good idea and becomes increasingly important as your site grows. However, there are a lot of 3rd party options for backing up your site as well as the option to do manual periodic backups. If budget is not a concern then going with Site Backup Pro is a decent option. If you are starting out on a shoestring budget or don't see the need for backups as you are just learning and experimenting you can always add Site Backup Pro (or another backup method) at a later date.

Search Engine Jumpstart - Low Recommendation - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of building your site. However the materials and services offered in this option do not present much real value (in our opinion). BADNET uses the Yoast! SEO plugin which will help search engines properly index your site and there is a wealth of SEO learning information freely available on the plugin site. For those reasons we do not recommend selecting the Search Engine Jumpstart option.

SiteLock Security - Find - Low Recommendation - Security for your website is also very important. That's why BADNET installs the Wordfence Security plugin on all sites we set up. It's free and helps mitigate suspicious login attempts, block repeat offenders and scans site and plugin files for malware and vulnerabilities. For this reason we see little reason to opt for the SiteLock service. 

Domain Privacy Protection - High Recommendation - This option may not show if you have already selected a plan that includes it. We highly recommend selecting this option. During domain name registration you are required to enter a physical address, email address and phone number. This information becomes a matter of public record. You can do a whois lookup on any domain and see the registrant's information. For this reason it is important to use domain privacy which acts a proxy on your behalf. Any whois lookups will not show you personal information with this option enabled. If your information is public you can rest assured that spammers are constantly harvesting this information and you'll start receiving sales calls and emails. Even worse, malicious players may use your email address to send phishing attempts to you trying to get you to disclose personal or billing information. Then you are not just dealing with a spam hassle, but a real security risk. For someone just starting out it may difficult to identify these emails as such. Avoid the headaches and potential risk by springing for domain privacy on all domain names you register.

7) Enter your billing information.

In the payment information box enter your credit card information, select the box indication you have read and agree to Bluehost's terms of service then click the  submit   button.

Enter your billing information

8) Let BADNET get you started.

After completing payment to Bluehost and receiving your new account information the next step is to request BADNET to complete your WordPress setup.

Simply click here to visit the setup request form and we'll get to work!

*Note - If you prefer to go the DIY route and handle all of the initial setup yourself that is fine. However, if you want to receive the BADNET Quick-Start Guide and 3 Blog Reports as well as get access to the client support area you will still need to fill out the form. Just make sure to select the option to indicate you don't require setup help.